2022 大学院授業

【A セメスター】
In this graduate level seminar, the participants will read articles on politics of memory. One sales pitch is that we will pay attention to Southeast Asia and compare that with Northeast Asia. Recently, the focus is no longeer solely on the Asia Pacific War, and we will pay attention to these new developments.

The past exerts huge influences on the present cultural and real politics. Limiting the argument to international relations falls short and cannot capture the power that the past exerts upon the present. We should all think about the fundamental question of why certain events and people become the focus of “politics of memory.” “Politics of memory” oftentimes stems from the attention to human suffering, and this attention itself is quite human and valuable. “Politics of memory” as scholarly discousre is rather new, emerging only after the end of the Cold War, and not much theorizing has been done. At the same time, this field of inquiry is so close to us that it is very difficult to have objective perspectives, and we should all be aware of this.

This course is more like a survey, and we read case studies from different milieu. Then, we should reflect upon what it means to live in this part of the world under the huge influences of the past.

1. 10/3 ガイダンス Guidance Presentation: NR

2. 10/17 成田龍一、吉田裕編『記憶と認識の中のアジア・太平洋戦争』(岡田)Presentation:PP

3. 10/24(starting at 17:30) Presentation: SC, JS

4. 10/31 テッサ・モーリス・スズキ『過去は死なない』(岡田)/キャロル・グラック『歴史で考える』(岡田) Presentation: KS

5. 11/7 Barak Kushner, Men to Devils, Devils to Men: Japanese War Crimes and Chinese Justice (岡田)/José, Ricardo. “War and Violence, History and Memory: The Philippine Experience of the Second World War,” In Contestations of Memory in Southeast Asia(KS

6. 11/14(starting at 17:30)泰緬鉄道論(SS)、Presentation: SC

7. 11/21 ピエール・ノラ編『記憶の場』(全員)/直野章子『原爆体験と戦後日本』(KS)/Zwigenberg, Hiroshima: The Origin of Global Memory(KS)/岡田泰平「原爆文学と複数のアジア 」(岡田)/Peipei Qiu, Chinese Comfort Women(岡田)/岡田泰平「フィリピン「慰安婦」運動の軌跡」(岡田)
SS 一九三一年の国際植民地博覧会
JS ジャンヌ ダルク
SJ 七月一四日 <怒りの日>から<祝祭の日>へ

PSCJ 2022 11/26-11/27

8. 12/5 Presentation: OU

9. 12/12(starting at 17:30)Presentation: 外部からの講演者

10. 12/19
SC 祖国のために死ぬこと 一〇世紀から二〇世紀まで
OU フランス人と外国人
PP 二人の子どものフランス巡礼記
KS ラスコー
HH ヴァンデ

11. 12/26
Shu-Mei Huang, Frontiers of Memory in the Asia-Pacific: Difficult Heritage and the Transnational Politics of Postcolonial Nationalism
JS Intro/Huang
SJ Nakano Prison Gate/Ako
PP Jews in Singapore /Huang
SC Singapore Quarantine/Sham in Frontiers of Memory
Presentation: SJ、PP

12. 1/16 van Klinken, Gerry. “The Battle for History after Suharto: Beyond Sacred Dates, Great Men, and Legal Milestones.”(岡田 柿崎『草の根の日タイ同盟』(SS Hong, Lysa. “Extraterritoriality in Bangkok in the Reign 1868-1910: The Cacophany of Semi-colonial Cosmopolitanism”(岡田)Maitrii Aung-Thwin “Remembering Kings” In Contestations of Memory in Southeast Asia (PP),  Presentation: NR、HH、SS

13. 1/23(starting at 17:30) 林志弦『犠牲者意識ナショナリズム――国境を超える「記憶」の戦争』(岡田)/竹内好『日本とアジア』(SC)Winichakul, ”Siam’s Colonial Conditions and the Birth of Thai History” (SS); Ileto, “The Philippine-American War: Friendship and Forgetting,” in Vestiges of War (NR)/Ileto, Knowledge and Pacification (NR) Presentation:JS, KS

【S セメスター】
The biggest change in the 20th and the first two decades of the 21st century is that of peasantry. This course focuses on this issue in Southeast Asia, especially changes of agricultural communities, peasant studies and social movements of the peasant. We will learn from studies in Japanese and English.

A half of the classroom hours will be on the reading of the assignments. The rest of it will be given to individual presentations of the participant’s own research.

基本的には授業用語は日本語を考えていますが、参加者によっては最大半分くらいまでを英語で行うようにします。 I am thinking of conducting the class in Japanese. However, depending on the participants, we might use English as the medium of instruction.


1.4月11日 ガイダンス

2.4月17日(17:40開始) マルクス主義における農村・農民 Marxism and Peasantry
カール・マルクス「土地国有について」『農業問題』岩波書店, 1973年
カール・マルクス「第24章 いわゆる本源的蓄積」『資本論』(3巻)岩波書店, 1969年
Chaps. 26-33
カール・カウツキー『農業問題 : 近代的農業の諸傾向の概觀と社會民主黨の農業政策』岩波書店, 1946

.4月25日 東南アジアにおける「千年王国運動」論I Millenarian Movements in Southeast Asia I
Wolf, Eric Robert. Peasant Wars of the Twentieth Century. New York: Harper & Row, 1969.
エリック・ホブズボウム著、斎藤三郎訳『匪賊の社会史 : ロビン・フッドからガン・マンまで』みすず書房, 1972.
ロバート・レドフィールド著、安藤慶一郎訳『文明の文化人類学 : 農村社会と文化』誠信書房, 1960.

4.5月9日 東南アジアにおける「千年王国運動」論II Millenarian Movements in Southeast Asia II
Kartodirdjo, Sartono. The Peasants’ Revolt of Banten in 1888 : Its Conditions, Course and Sequel : A Case Study of Social Movements in Indonesia. Gravenhage: Nijhoff, 1966.
Kartodirdjo, Sartono, and Studies Institute of Southeast Asian. Protest Movements in Rural Java : A Study of Agrarian Unrest in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Singapore ; New York: Oxford University Press, 1973.
レイナルド・C・イレート著、清水展他監訳『キリスト受難詩と革命 1840~1910年のフィリピン民衆運動』法政大学出版局, 2005.

5.5月16日(17:40開始)農村と革命:ベトナムの場合 Peasants and Revolution: The Case of Vietnam
Jacoby, Erich H. Agrarian Unrest in Southeast Asia. Bombay: Asia Publishing House, 1961.
Kerkvliet, Benedict J., and Doug Porter. Vietnam’s Rural Transformation. Boulder: Westview Press, 1995.
Tai, Hue-Tam Ho. Millenarianism and Peasant Politics in Vietnam. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1983.

.5月23日 ポプキン・スコット論争 The Popkin-Scott Debate
Popkin, Samuel L. The Rational Peasant : The Political Economy of Rural Society in Vietnam. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1979.
Scott, James C. “Hegemony and the Peasantry.” Politics and Society 7 3 (1977).
Scott, James C. The Moral Economy of the Peasant : Rebellion and Subsistence in Southeast Asia. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1976.
Scott, James C. “Protest and Profanation: Agrarian Revolt and the Little Tradition.” Theory and Society 4 1and 2 (1977).
Scott, James C. Weapons of the Weak : Everyday Forms of Peasant Resistance. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1985.

7.6月6日 マラヤの農民と植民地主義 Malay Peasantry: Without Decolonization?
Shamsul Amri, Baharuddin. From British to Bumiputera Rule : Local Politics and Rural Development in Peninsular Malaysia. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1986.
Cheah, Boon Kheng. The Peasant Robbers of Kedah, 1900-1929 : Historical and Folk Perceptions. New York: Oxford University Press, 1988.

8.6月13日 インドネシア農村論 Villages in Indonesia
加納啓良「ジャワ農村経済史研究の視座変換–「インボリューション」テーゼの批判的検討」『アジア経済』20(2) (1979): p2-26.
加納啓良『インドネシア農村経済論』勁草書房, 1988.
加納啓良『東南アジア農村発展の主体と組織 : 近代日本との比較から』日本貿易振興会アジア経済研究所, 1998.

9.6月20日 (17:40開始) フィリピンの不在地主と小作農 Absentee Landlords and Peasantry in the Philippines
Putzel, James. A Captive Land : The Politics of Agrarian Reform in the Philippines. London
New York: Monthly Review Press, 1992.
永野善子『フィリピン経済史研究 : 糖業資本と地主制』勁草書房 1986.

10.6月27日 ビルマ農村論 Villages in Burma
高橋昭雄『ミャンマーの体制転換と農村の社会経済史 : 1986-2019年』東京大学出版会, 2021.
高橋昭雄『現代ミャンマーの農村経済 : 移行経済下の農民と非農民』東京大学出版会, 2000.
高橋昭雄『ビルマ・デルタの米作村 : 「社会主義」体制下の農村経済. 研究双書』アジア経済研究所, 1992.

11.7月4日 農民・小作農の終焉? The End of the Peasantry?
Elson, R. E. The End of the Peasantry in Southeast Asia : A Social and Economic History of Peasant Livelihood, 1800-1990s. Canberra: Macmillan, 1997.

12.7月11日 21世紀の農業I Agriculture in the 21st Century I
加納啓良『インドネシア : 21世紀の経済と農業・農村』御茶の水書房, 2021.

13.7月15日 (17:40開始)