Japan in Asia: A Global History of the 20th Century

Reading List

  1. Apr. 9 (Tue.) Guidance, History of the 20th Century
  2. Apr. 16 (Tue.) Empires and Modern Empires
  3. Apr. 23 (Tue.) Imperialism and Nationalism
  4. May 7 (Tue.) Racial and Ethnic Politics [Forced Mobilization, Korean BC Class War Criminals]
  5. May 14 (Tue.) War in China [Nanjing Incident]
  6. May 21 (Tue.) Asia Pacific War I [Military “Comfort Women”]
  7. May 28 (Tue.) Asia Pacific War II [Mass Killing and Sexual Violence]
  8. June 11 (Tue.) Decolonization in Southeast and East Asia [The Tokyo Trial]
  9. June 18 (Tue.) From Occupation to Postwar [Sexuality under U.S. Occupation]
  10. June 29 (Sat. 1st Period) The Korean War and U.S. Hegemony [U.S. Bases]
  11. June 29 (Sat. 2nd period) The Vietnam War [Winter Soldiers Investigation Committee]
  12. July 2 (Tue.) The End of the Cold War and the Democraticization of Asian Countries [Postwar Individual Compensation Movements, Colonial Responsibilities]
    Student Presentation I
  13. July 9 (Tue.) Asia and Japan in the 21st Century Globalization
    Student Presentation II