Reading List

1. 4/9 Guidance, History of the 20th Century

2. 4/16 Empires and Modern Empires
Howe, Stephen. “Who is an Imperialist?” Empire: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

3. 4/23 Imperialism and Nationalism
Anderson, “Introduction,” Imagined Communities

4. 5/7 Racial and Ethnic Politics [Forced Mobilization, Korean BC Class War Criminals]
Utsumi Aiko, “Japanese Racism, War and the POW Experience”

5. 5/14 War in China [Nanjing Incident]
Daqing Yang “Documentary Evicence and Studies of Japanese War Crimes: An Interim Assessment” Researching Japanese War Crimes Records: Introductory Essays.

6. 5/21 Asia Pacific War [Military “Comfort Women”]
Yoshimi Yoshiaki, “The Emergence of the Issue,” Comfort Women

7. 5/28 Asia Pacific War [Mass Killing and Sexual Violence]
Taihei Okada, “Kempei’s Violence Revisited–The Cordova Incident and Its Place under the Japanese Occupation–”

8. 6/11 Decolonization in Southeast and East Asia [The Tokyo Trial]
Nakano Satoshi. “Introduction: The Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia as a Historical Experience.” Japan’s Colonial Moment in Southeast Asia, 1942-1945–The Occupiers’ Experience. New York: Routledge, 2019.

9.  6/18 From Occupation to Postwar [Sexuality under U.S. Occupation]
Gordon, Andrew. Chap. 10 A Modern History of Japan : From Tokugawa Times to the Present. International 3rd ed ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2014.

10. 6/25 The Korean War and U.S. Hegemony [US Bases]
Cumings, Bruce. “Chapter 8: A ‘Forgotten War’ that remade the United States and the Cold War.” The Korean War: A History. New York: Random House, 2010.

11. 6/29 The Vietnam War [Winter Soldiers Investigation Committee]
No Assigned Reading

12. 7/2 The End of the Cold War and the Democraticization of Asian Countries [Postwar Individual Compensation Movements, Colonial Responsibilities]
No Assigned Reading

13. 7/9 Asia and Japan in the 21st Century Globalization