War in China [Nanjing Incident]

Primary Documents on Nanjing Massacre in Japanese

A)『日中戦争史資料8 南京事件Ⅰ』(河出書房新社、1973)[Documents on the Second Sino-Japanese War]
B)『日中戦争史資料9 南京事件Ⅱ』(河出書房新車、1973)
Documents presented as evidences in the Tokyo Trial

C)『南京戦史資料集』(偕行社、1989)[Documents on the Battle of Nanjing]
Documents from the Japanese Central China Army. War-time journals from both officers and rank-and-file soldiers.

E)『南京事件資料集①アメリカ関係資料編』(青木書店、1992)[Documents of Nanjing Incident: American Documents]
Documents related to the International Safety Zone such as letters of the missionary and reportage by foreign journalists who stayed in the zone.

F)『南京事件資料集②中国関係資料編』(青木書店、1992)[Documents of Nanjing Incident: Chinese Documents]
Documents gathered by China specialists. Newspaper articles from both nationalist and communist newspapers, writings left by the victims, court documents from the Nanjing BC-Class Trial.

G)『南京大虐殺を記録した皇軍兵士たち――第十三師団山田支隊兵士の陣中日誌』(大月書店、1996年)[Imperial Japanese Soldiers Who Recorded the Massacre of Nanjing]
War-time journals left by the soldiers in the Yamada expeditionary force of the 13th division.

F)『資料 ドイツ外交官の見た南京事件』(大月書店、2001)[Documents: The Nanjing Incident as Seen by German Diplomats]
Perspectives from Nazi Germany. At that time, Germany was supporting the Chinese Nationalist Government and provided weapons and military aids. This compilation contains diplomatic documents sent by the German diplomats.

Notable Secondary Works
秦郁彦『南京事件』増補版 中公新書, 2007年 [Hata Ikuhiko, Nanjing Incident]
洞富雄『決定版 南京大虐殺』徳間書店, 1982年 [Hora Tomio, Authorized Edition: The Nanjing Massacre]
藤原彰『南京大虐殺』岩波ブックレット, 1985年 [Fujiwara Akira, Nanjing Massacre]
吉田裕『天皇制の軍隊と南京事件』青木書店, 1986年 [Yoshida Yutaka, The Japanese Army of the Imperial Regime and the Nanjing Incident]
笠原十九司『南京事件』岩波書店, 1997年 [Kasahara Tokushi, Nanjing Incident]

On Controversies
吉田裕『戦後世代の戦争観』岩波書店, 2005年[Yoshida Yutaka, Postwar Generations’ Perceptions on the War]
東史朗『わが南京プラトーン』青木書店, 1987年[Azuma Shiro, My Platoon in Nanjing]
笠原 十九司『増補 南京事件論争史』平凡社, 2018[Kasahara Tokuji, Updated Edition History of Controversies on Nanjing Incident]
孫歌『歴史の交差点に立って』岩波書店, 2008年[Song Gu, Standing up on the Cross Section of Histories]
笠原十九司編『戦争を知らない国民のための日中歴史認識 『日中歴史共同研究<近現代史>』を読む』勉誠出版, 2011年[Kasahara Tokuji,  Japan-China History Perception for the People who do not know the War–Reading the Report of Japan-China Joint History Research, Modern History]